Early Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas

People all over the world are looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But, for many minimalists, Christmas has come a day early because The Minimalists (aka Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus) are giving away a free copy of their book, Minimalists: Live a Meaningful Life!

Personally, I am SO FREAKING AWED by this news because I’ve been wanting to get my hands on their books, and now I can have a copy of their every first book! It’s actually the second edition, but the gist is still there. I’m excited to learn about the Five Values!

You can get your own copy, too, by going to Gumroad.com. You’ll only need to provide your email address, and the PDF will be delivered right to your inbox. Of course, if you want to buy a print copy of the book (or any of their books, for that matter), you can grab a copy on Amazon or order one from Fully Booked.

Gift-giving goes both ways so, if you want to thank Joshua and Ryan for the free book and give them a Christmas present, you can leave a review for Minimalists: Live a Meaningful Life on Amazon and help improve its overall rating.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!!

**Disclaimer: The Minimalists, Amazon, and Gumroad aren’t paying me anything. I’m just writing this post to share the good news and bring good tidings for Christmas! 🙂


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