About Small Steps

Hi! I’m Julie and I love dogs, books, food, South Korean music and the Running Man variety show (not necessarily in that order).

I’m not intentionally a hoarder (i.e., I don’t hold on to things because of their sentimental value), but over the years I’ve acquired a lot of books and other things. They weren’t expensive because I’m a cheap person and I either buy from second-hand stores or wait until shops have sales and offer huge discounts. But that’s exactly how I got to hoarding stuff: because I shopped in places with low prices, it became easy for me to buy more and more.

It didn’t really bother me until I read The Minimalists blog in late 2014 and learned about minimalism. After reading a few blog posts by JFM and Ryan Nicodemus, as well as by Joshua Becker and other people, I realised that being a minimalist and a one-bag living advocate is (and has always been) the right path for me.

So that’s why I’m here now. I want to share this journey with you, whether you’ve never heard about minimalism in your entire life or have been living with just a backpack of clothes for several years. My ultimate goal isn’t really to fit all my things into just one bag (although it would be FREAKING COOL if I could achieve that). Rather, my objective is to simplify my life to the point where I can focus on the things that really matter without getting distracted by those that don’t.

Join me as I strive to achieve the peace of mind and financial freedom that come with following the principles of minimalism and one-bag living!

Feet in beach


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